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Wolf Warrior 2: The Most Successful Movie of Chinese Star Wu Jing

Wu Jing‘s 2015 directorial effort. Wolf Warrior, is a somewhat underwhelming and overly jingoistic action film where the high point is a fight with CG wolves….

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Shaolin 2011: A Kung Fu Chinese Movie with a lot Martial Arts Super Star

Packed with Kung Fu fight scenes and enough drama to call it a tearjerker. The Hong Kong production Shaolin will provide you with two hours…

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Legendary Assassin 2008: A Hong Kong Action Film Directed By Wu Jing

With Wu Jing achieving milestones with hits such as “SPL 2: A Time for Consequences” and this year’s stunning action-packed “Wolf Warrior 2”. Let’s not…

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Legendary Assassin is a lot of fun with two great leads and some impressive fight scenes

Legendary Assassin(other name: NANH SOI) is a good if not original assassin film that’s worth a watch. Wu Jing kicks a lot of ass, but…

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Invisible Target 2007: The Action Flick Movie From Wu Jing and Nicholas Tse

“Invisible Target” is an adrenaline-loaden, loud and explosive action flick made by Benny Chan. Chan once more proves that he has a boundless sense of…

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Fatal Contact: Wu Jing Took Lead Role in Hong Kong Martial Arts Film

Dennis Law’s Fatal Contact has been a much anticipated title around these parts for one very simple reason: Wu Jing. Wu is an immensely gifted martial artist…

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City Under Siege: The best of Martial Art and Sci-Fi of China movie

City Under Siege (simplified Chinese: 全城戒备; Vietnamese name: Toan thanh gioi nghiem) is a 2010 Hong Kong science fiction action film directed and co-written by…

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Wu Jing Thanks Donnie Yen For Past Underestimate

The China martial arts star Wu Jing recently laughed when asked to express his thoughts about a statement fellow martial arts actor Donnie Yen allegedly…

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City Under Siege: The Film Is Considered ‘Wolverine’ Asia Version

City Under Siege is Hong Kong science fiction action film. This film’s director and co-writter is Benny Chan. The film is also considered the Chinese version…

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5 Facts You Should Know About Chinese Martial Arts Movie Star ‘Wu Jing’

The Chinese star and director, best known for his roles in ‘Tai Chi Boxer’, ‘Fatal Contact’ and ‘Wolf Warrior’. He has box-office appeal and also…

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