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The Inept Speed Boat Mob Movie “Speed Kills” of John Travolta

Following on from the recent Gotti, John Travolta once again toplines a film which is undeserving of his talents with Speed Kills. This time around…

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“Final Score” film review: complete nonsense, but oddly compelling

There’s a cracking moment early in Final Score where the WWE wrestler-turned-thespian Dave Bautista calls a special security line to blurt out a red alert….

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KURSK: The Command That Ended In Tragedy

Thomas Vinterberg ’s Kursk (The Command) is a heart-wrenching drama detailing the disastrous explosion of a Russian submarine. That sank to the bottom of the…

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Keanu Reeves copes with Russian chill in the movie “Siberia”

The sophomore jinx settles in over “Frank & Lola” director Matthew Ross’s second feature, a violent thriller with a strong undercurrent of sex, Russian intrigues…

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