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Legendary Assassin is a lot of fun with two great leads and some impressive fight scenes

Legendary Assassin(other name: NANH SOI) is a good if not original assassin film that’s worth a watch. Wu Jing kicks a lot of ass, but…

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Swordsman II: Jet Li’s martial arts thrillers Inspired by Jin Yong’s Novel

In this second of three “Swordsman” martial arts thrillers. The swordsman Ling Jet Li is traveling with his sister to a religious retreat when they…

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The Sorcerer and the White Snake is one of the strangest – Review

The Sorcerer and the White Snake is one of the strangest, most visually stunning and original fantasy films of recent times. You really should give…

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18 Facts Revealed About The Kung Fu Action Movie Star ‘Jet Li’

Jet Li, A Chinese Super Star. He is famous for shooting kung fu films. You could be able to see him in many classic Hong…

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