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‘The White Haired Witch of the Lunar Kingdom’ : Film Review

In this age of ever-expanding franchises, the norm is to break a grand narrative into multiple strands and make each of them go a long…

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Battle of the Warriors 2006: An Hong Kong-Chinese action War Movie based on the Japanese Historical Novel

In 370 B.C, China was separated as seven nations and several other small tribes. One of these being the city state of Liang. The nation…

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East Wind Rain 2010: Shanghai-set Spy tale is loaded with Great Performances

Densely plotted, Shanghai-set spy tale is loaded with meaty production design and performances. If the characters in East Wind Rain (Mat Ma Tran Chau Cang) and Shanghai…

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Sammo Hung and Fan Bingbing: The Relationship Always Be Noticed By Fans

Sammo Hung is a name that is well respected in the entertainment industry. Born in Hong Kong. Sammo Hung’s acting career began while he was…

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