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“Kung-Fu Killer” of Donnie Yen – a good old-fashioned martial artsmovie

For those Hong Kong martial arts movie buffs who find their attention flagging during the nonfight scenes in the Donnie Yen-starrer “Kung Fu Killer,” there’s…

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Jackie Chan’s son joins in Twins Effect II aka Blade of Kings with Donnie Yen

Jackie Chan’s son, Jaycee Chan, is making his feature acting debut alongside his father. That in Emperor Multimedia Group’s The Twins Effect II (working title)….

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10 Interesting Facts you should know about the martial arts star ‘Donnie Yen’

China action superstar Donnie Yen Ji-dan is revered globally for his martial arts prowess in films such as the Ip Man series and Rogue One:…

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Painted Skin 2008 -A supernatural Chinese classical story based on myths believed by common people

Painted Skin is about love, coming from the same author who wrote the story behind The Fox Lovers Movie deriving from Strange Stories From a…

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ICEMAN 3D 2014 Review: Not Very Good But Action Star ‘Donnie Yen’ Make It Special

A powerful Ming Dynasty warrior who lands in modern-day Hong Kong by accident in this movie, action star Donnie Yen delivers his lines with so…

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