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Treasure Inn, the place you go to when you want to auction off your stolen goods to other bandits and thieves

Let’s face it- after writing and directing close to 100 films, you already know what to expect out of a Wong Jing film. Such is…

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Sky on Fire’s needlessly overwrought plotting robs the film of its potential for punchy, nail-biting thrills

Lam is among the most influential action film directors to emerge from Hong Kong, coming into his own alongside peers like John Woo, Johnnie To…

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Hua Mulan (2009): Retelling the Lady General’s story

Zhao Wei takes the lead role of the 2009 costume epic Hua Mulan (Other name: MULAN). Mulan, tomboyish and trained in martial arts against her…

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The Crossing II: Two-thirds of the 114-minute film are padded with rehashed scenes

“The Crossing II,” an inert follow-up that doesn’t deliver enough visual or emotional payoff in its overdue yet short-lived shipwreck climax. Released eight months after…

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Missing is a multi-genre film, but it basically sticks to two genres – romance and horror

Have you ever wished that a movie would never end? Well, Tsui Hark’s Missing (Vietnamese name: LAC HON) is here to grant your wish. However,…

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‘The Crossing: Part One’ as the “Chinese Titanic” ever since director John Woo

With a story based on a real-life maritime disaster – the 1949 sinking of the Taiping, a vessel carrying more than 1,000 passengers when it…

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A Man Called Hero: is also seems confusedly caught between trying to be an historical romance and taking full flight

A period actioner largely set in early 20th century New York, “A Man Called Hero” (Vietnamese name: TRUNG HOA ANH HUNG) has a distinctive flavor…

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‘The White Haired Witch of the Lunar Kingdom’ : Film Review

In this age of ever-expanding franchises, the norm is to break a grand narrative into multiple strands and make each of them go a long…

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The movie Shaolin: also inserts a handful of scenes of monks awesome in artsy compositions

Benny Chan’s redo of famed Hong Kong martial-arts blockbuster “Shaolin Temple” (Vietnamese name: TAN THIEU LAM TU)charts the hubris and spiritual rebirth of a warlord…

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Don’t Wake Mommy is like an introductory Lifetime movie

Molly and Brad have a beautiful 6 month old girl named Ava.  Molly loves being a mother but is often tired, confused, and second-guesses herself….

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