I Wanna Be Your Man 1994 Review: Reasonably interesting comedy drama

Writer-director Cheung Chi-Sing definitely has an agenda. You can see the seeds of his later flick Love and Sex Among the Ruins in this 1994 comedy.

He seems to specialize in these emotionally complex comedy-dramas centering on ideal love vs. stark reality. In this case, the ideal love is that which Lau Ching-Wan (Luu Thanh Van) feels for not one but two women. He’s a despised cop who befriends his new boss (Christine Ng) when he discovers that she’s a lesbian. When she tries to get him kicked off her squad, he doesn’t rat her out. Leading to the beginning of a friendship.

Lau finds himself attracted to both Christine and her girlfriend (Christy Chung), a sweet English-speaking model. This strange triangle goes places you wouldn’t expect in both interesting and compelling ways, which is where Cheung Chi-Sing chooses to have action speak instead of words. The results head towards good, but certain factors derail I Wanna Be Your Man (Than Tham Luc Ma).

Firstly, Christy Chung (Chung Le De) is so sweet and nice that she seems mentally retarded, which isn’t supposed to be the case. Furthermore, there’s a second plotline that seems to have almost nothing to do with the first. In plot #2, Francis Ng plays a harried lawyer who contracts Harvey Dent disease, goes postal, and starts to take the law into his own hands. Things get tense when his good friend Lau is assigned to the case. But the two plotlines never converge or resolve satisfyingly. What’s left is some interesting content but two unfinished movies.

Author: Duong VR

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