The Last Vampire Princess Review: Somewhat amateurish but enjoyable

Contemporary Moscow. When eighteen-year-old Pasha rescues a beautiful young woman from a band of strangely powerful attackers, he discovers an underworld of supernatural beings living among us.

As usual, it seems like either the reviewers appear to be plants with their rather silly 10 star reviews, or someone comes along and completely trashes it.

Look, No awards are gonna be won here, okay? I think anybody who is being honest will agree with that. But, with that said… for what it is, it’s kind of fun. For me, this was actually the very first modern fully English dubbed Russian film with a mildly fun Mythology about vampires and government organizations to combat them, Ancient Covenants, etc… that I’ve seen. So, the novelty of that was kind of interesting. What we’re talking about here is a Hugelywatered down sort of ‘UNDERWORLD’ but with government agents instead of Werewolves. Kind of…). Also, with about, oh… maybe 1/10 of 1% of the budget or depth. You probably get the idea…

The Last Vampire Princess (Hau Due Ma Ca Rong) was fun… Somewhat amateurish, sure, but enjoyable. Everyone seemed to be putting in their best, such as it is. And that made it mildly entertaining IF your expectations are set VERY low.

Would I liked to have seen a film like this done with a lot more money and better writing…? Sure… But, in my lowly and wretched opinion, compared to a LOT of the truly painful, UN-watchable stuff out there, I think this one gets a pass for being kind of fun, low-key, and yet still trying to be serious about it. This is not a Horror/Comedy. Also, FWIW, it is PG-13 friendly and still entertaining, which is bloody tough to do very well these days. So, even a passable effort along those lines is still quite a ways above the rest…

If you are looking for a serious & deep Sci Fi / Horror film (phim hanh dong vien tuong). Then yes, by all means look elsewhere. But, if you just wanna sit back and have a lightly entertaining time without a lot of excess, then, sure, you might actually have a bit of fun with this movie…

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