Don’t Breathe 2 Is Its Own Thing Said by Stephen Lang

Don’t Breathe 2 wrapped filming recently and is expected to arrive in theaters this summer.

Don’t Breathe 2 is finally coming our way next year, but don’t expect a repeat of the first movie. This, according to star Stephen Lang, who will be reprising his role as “the blind man” from the 2016 horror/thriller. Even though much remains mysterious, Lang says that the sequel is very much its own thing.

Stephen Lang is currently promoting a very different type of project; his new children’s book, The Wheatfield. During a recent interview, the actor was asked about the upcoming sequel, which wrapped filming back in October. The movie managed to film during quarantine, which is an accomplishment on its own. As Lang explained, in some ways, the health and safety protocols enacted on set worked in his favor as an actor. Here’s what he had to say about it.

“It’s an extremely isolating role. I spend a lot of time just with me, anyway. And I suppose in some perverse fashion, it actually played into the playing of the role.”

For the moment, plot details for Don’t Breathe 2 remain entirely under wraps. The original centered on a trio of thieves who target Stephen Lang’s character, thinking it will make for an easy score. They end up being dead wrong about that. Even though he couldn’t get into specifics, Lang promised that audiences will be in for something new this time around.

“I never walked away from a scene on this feeling like we’d left something on the table there. We really strived to get everything we could out of it. It has a tremendous kinship with the first film, but in many ways, in every way, it’s very much its own thing.”

Don’t Breathe was produced by Sam Raimi and directed by Fede Alvarez. This time, Rodo Sayagues will make his feature directorial debut. Sayagues co-wrote the original alongside Alvarez. The sequel has been in development since 2016, shortly after the first movie was released. Because Stephen Lang’s character is a man of few words, they collaborated and refined everything that he does on screen in the sequel, down to the last grunt.

“We kind of debate and negotiate and massage every word, every phrase, every grunt. We all have a ball doing it, because we enjoy working together. On the day-to-day life on set, I had a lot of input into it.”

Don’t Breathe was a major success at the time of its release. Riding a wave of highly positive reviews, the thriller earned $157 million at the global box office, working from a budget of less than $10 million. That level of profitability all but guaranteed a sequel would happen. It just took a little while to get it done. Don’t Breathe 2 is currently scheduled to hit theaters on August 13, 2021. Though, as we’ve seen in recent months, a lot could change between now and then. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as any further details are made available. This news comes to us via The Hollywood Reporter.

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