Nicole Kidman opens up about her work behind the Camera as a producer

Nicole Kidman opens up about her work behind the Camera as a producer.

For some people, Nicole Kidman represents a dying breed of Hollywood stars, whose name alone was once enough to guarantee a big opening for a movie. Nowadays, franchise recognition has taken the place of old-fashioned stardom in Hollywood. Kidman has also adapted to the changing times, using her wealth and influence to take control of her career trajectory by turning producer for her upcoming projects. In an interview with Collider, the actress revealed what part of becoming a producer appeals to her the most.

“I think being able to get things made. Many actors, many creative people, many writers are sitting on extraordinary projects and things they wanna get made and don’t have the chance to do it. I’ve been in that position. The struggle is really, really hard. When something is successful, suddenly you have a window where you can get some things made. Who knows how long that lasts for but it’s a wonderful thing to have and to not take for granted. I’m always like, “Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe we’re in this position.”

In the past, actresses in Hollywood had to be satisfied with much shorter careers than their male counterparts. With leading roles for women over the age of forty being in short supply. Lately, however, more and more leading ladies have started to act as producers for their films. Which has allowed them to develop stories where older women take center stage. For Kidman, another perk of being a producer is the feeling of triumph in getting to see a risky project come together despite the odds.

“It’s also about being able to make logical choices. With Nine Perfect Strangers, that we’re shooting. We were able to bring the production to Australia, start shooting in July, and we’re about to finish in December. That really is probably the only TV show that is started and finished during a pandemic. That is an extraordinary thing, as a producer, to go, “Oh, my God, did we actually do that?” We haven’t done it yet, so I say that with incredible caution and humility because it is not December yet and it can turn on a dime, as we all know. Everything changes overnight and it’s terrifying at times.”

While Kidman no longer enjoys the star power of her 90’s and 2000s career. The actress continues to be a part of interesting projects. She played the role of Jason Momoa’s warrior-queen mother in Aquaman. She can currently be seen alongside Hugh Grant in the HBO limited series, The Undoing.

The actress is also attached to horror-wunderkind Robert Eggers’ upcoming movie The Northman, which will see Kidman returning to the world of horror after her acclaimed leading role in 2001’s The Others. Hopefully, the success of Kidman in the later years of her career will inspire her fellow actresses and the rest of Hollywood to give greater space to women who are no longer in their twenties and thirties. Collider was the original source for these Nicole Kidman quotes.

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