Tenet Box Office Rises to $200M+ Globally Despite Sluggish U.S. Box Office Numbers

Warner Bros. is seeing a steady word-of-mouth campaign starting to help Christopher Nolan’s Tenet at the global box office.

Tenet has risen to over $200 million globally, despite sluggish box office numbers in the United States. As of this writing, the latest Christopher Nolan movie has only made $29.5 million domestically. Due to the public health crisis. Theaters are slowly starting to open back up with strict safety protocols. But potential viewers aren’t flocking to the movies just yet. However, Los Angeles and Orange County theaters opened up in California last week. Which is where a decent chunk of Tenet’s domestic numbers came from.

Tenet made $6.9 million over this weekend, which is down nearly 30% from last weekend. The top 10 domestic markets for the movie were Los Angeles and the Orange County area, Dallas, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Toronto, Greater New York, Houston, Atlanta, and San Diego. The decision to allow the movie to be shown in drive-in theaters also helped give Christopher Nolan’s latest a little bit of a boost, though it was not enough to beat last week’s earnings. IMAX screenings with premium ticket sales were another source of decent earnings for Tenet, with $725,000.

Warner Bros. and Sony have not been giving out daily box office numbers for their movies lately, which has put a damper on the marketplace. This includes Tenet, which obviously isn’t making the kind of money that the studio was hoping for. Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan wanted the movie to open up worldwide back in July as a way to kickstart the summer movie season. That did not end up happening, so after a series of delays, they decided on a staggered release system, with the movie opening up in several international markets before debuting in North America. Internationally, some countries are doing a lot better than the United States when it comes to the ongoing public health crisis, which is one of the reasons why the box office numbers are higher overseas.

Lackluster early reviews are also to blame for some of Tenet’s box office numbers. With that being said, a positive word-of-mouth campaign is slowly starting to come together, helping the movie in certain markets. Had the movie been able to open up traditionally. The word-of-mouth campaign would more than likely be substantially helping out with the box office numbers. As of this writing, Tenet holds a 74% Fresh Rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with a user score of 77%.

Elsewhere, Fox’s The New Mutants was able to pull in $2.1 million for the weekend. While Unhinged and Broken Hearts Gallery took in $1.5 million and $1.1 million, respectively. It’s going to be a while before people feel comfortable attending movie theaters again. Health care experts are estimating that it might not be safe to do so until mid to late 2021. Which means things are not going to be getting back to normal in the near future. Box Office Mojo was the first to report on the sluggish Tenet box office numbers.

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