The Walking Dead Writer ‘Scott Gimple’ Compares Rick Grimes Movie to Logan

The Rick Grimes movie is taking inspiration from a very worthy source according to writer Scott Gimple.

With The Walking Dead protagonist Rick Grimes having separated from the rest of the small screen cast. Fans are looking forward to picking up with the former leader in a trilogy of movies that are currently being developed. Screenwriter Scott Gimple has recently revealed a few details about the upcoming Rick Grimes-focused project. Comparing it to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine swansong, Logan.

Logan released in 2017, picked up with the legendary member of the X-Men years after the events of the rest of movie series. Forced out of a self-imposed retirement to escort a young mutant named Laura to a safe place. Logan is starkly different in tone to the other X-Men movies. And borrows history from Jackman’s run as the character. Whilst not being directly tied to what came before. Ultimately, this is the kind of accessibility that Scott M. Gimple is aiming to replicate with the Rick Grimes movie.

“You didn’t have to watch every X-Men movie to enjoy that. Rick has a history and the history will be present within him. And it’ll be a big part of who he is. But it’s likely going to be a very different Rick that we see as well. New audiences will be like, ‘Oh, that’s the guy. I want to discover that past history.’ We who know it so well, it’s like. ‘Oh crap, that’s the thing that’s weighing on him from the past’. You gotta invite both those people, which we try to do with the shows.”

Rick Grimes Walking Dead Movie, which is being plotted as the beginning of a trilogy, has to “honor people who have invested the time in their lives and the show. But we can’t do that at the expense of inviting everybody”. Gimple said of the Rick Grimes movie at Comic-Con this weekend. “[Avengers: Endgame] was the culmination of years and years and years and years of stuff, but I’m sure people who just showed up had a good time.”

A movie revolving around Rick Grimes was announced by chief content officer and former showrunner Scott Gimple immediately following Andrew Lincoln’s surprise exit from the AMC television series back in November 2018. The as-yet-untitled feature will follow Grimes and Anne (Pollyanna McIntosh), formerly Jadis of the survival group The Scavengers. The movie will reportedly reveal what happened to the pair after the events of the season 9, episode 5 episode “What Comes After”. In which Rick and Anne were shuttled away aboard a Civic Republic Military helicopter and taken to a new corner of the post-apocalyptic world.

The teaser trailer that was released during San Diego Comic-Con in July 2019 hinted that Rick and Anne will be transported to Philadelphia, a so-far unexplored corner of The Walking Dead universe. Though not too much else is currently known about the direction of the movie. Producer Scott Gimple provided some details earlier this year suggesting it will be even bigger than the series. “We are going to continue to tell Rick’s story. And we are going to discover so much of the world through that story” . Gimple said back in January.

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