Venom 2 Fan Art: Tom Holland Turns Evil as the Symbiote Consumes Spider-Man

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is taken over by the Symbiote in new Venom 2 fan art. There has been a lot of talk about Holland finally joining forces with Tom Hardy for the highly anticipated sequel, though it has not been confirmed by anyone at Sony or Marvel Studios. Hardy shared rather disturbing artwork that featured the Symbiote tearing into Peter Parker’s flesh. And then quickly deleted it without another mention.

Artist spdrmnkyxxiii is the one responsible for the new Venom 2 artwork. Tom Holland’s face can clearly be seen, but the Symbiote is slowly taking over, turning one of his eyeballs white. Holland doesn’t look like the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man anymore as he takes a sinister turn. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans would like to see this happen on the big screen. Though it’s unclear if it will go down like this. Venom 2 was just pushed back until next year. And Spider-Man 3 has been delayed too, leaving Peter Parker in limbo for the foreseeable future.

Peter Parker originally took on the Symbiote in Secret Wars. He bonded with the alien parasite well before Eddie Brock, but had to ditch it with church bells after the Symbiote didn’t want to leave. Brock took on the Symbiote next in the comics and has taken it to the big screen with the Venom franchise. While fans would like to see Tom Holland in Venom 2, it probably won’t happen unless it’s a small cameo. With that being said, Sony has no problem admitting that they want Holland and Tom Hardy to clash on the big screen in the future.

Both Tom Holland and Tom Hardy have expressed interest in working together and it will probably happen down the line at some point. The world’s current state of affairs has thrown the entertainment industry off track, which has resulted in a bunch of production delays, leading to postponed release dates. Movie theaters are still closed, though some states like Texas and Georgia have started to open businesses. The big chains will likely be closed until July when some studio movies are scheduled to release, though it’s still unclear if that will actually be able to happen.

Once things get back to some form of normalcy. Tom Holland will be going back to work on the long-awaited Uncharted movie before getting to work on Spider-Man 3. Venom 2 will open in theaters at the beginning of next year. As long as everything goes according to plan, with Morbius opening in summer 2021. Peter Parker exists in the Sony Marvel universe. So it’s just a matter of time, and some more waiting, before we see it all come together. While we wait to see what that will look like. You can check out Peter Parker as he bonds with the Symbiote below. Thanks to spdrmnkyxxiii’s Instagram account.

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