The Extraction Shoot Has Chris Hemsworth Feeling Rather Intimidated

From the looks of him, you would not think that Thor star Chris Hemsworth could be intimidated by anything. The man is practically a walking, talking set of biceps. Well, looks can be deceiving, as Hemsworth has opened up about his apprehension when it came to filming the action scenes for his hugely popular Netflix movie, Extraction.

“They had the main stunt coordinator, stunt director from [Avengers: Endgame] wanting to direct it. So the group of us got together and wanted us to make the most insane action film that was around. To push the envelope and do things that were fairly unique to the action space. Very little special effects. Very little blue screen/green screen – just do it all in-camera. So, it was an intimidating thing to launch into at the start just because it meant the nature of the way we were shooting we couldn’t have too many stunt doubles and replacements and so on.”

Over the course of his career, Chris Hemsworth has done a slew of franchise movies and action roles which have all come with their share of challenges. His role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has no doubt given him plenty of hurdles to overcome. But filming Extraction sounds like a very different experience. With the aim to use as little special effects and stunt doubles as possible, Hemsworth had to step up and (sometimes literally) leap headfirst into the painstakingly detailed and brutal action sequences.

This is, of course, in stark contrast to the Marvel movies, which are overloaded with green screens. CGI-laced special effects, and teams of stunt performers. All of which take a lot of the onus off of the actors themselves.

Hemsworth continued, revealing the sheer amount of pain he put himself through in the anime of entertainment ultimately though, the actor found the experience to be surprisingly fulfilling.

“So, I had to do 90-95% of it. But I gotta say one of the most rewarding films I’ve worked on just because each day I’d achieve something; it felt like we’d done something pretty special.”

His hard work has paid off. With a Netflix sequel to Extraction all set to be produced by Anthony and Joe Russo. Aka The Russo Brothers, who of course also produced the first movie. Production will be done under their AGBO banner, who are also currently looking to bring back director Sam Hargrave to helm the Extraction 2, as well as bringing Hemsworth back to reprise his role as the mercenary with a death wish, Tyler Rake. Though currently, sources are reporting that the streaming service has no plans to sign those deals until the script is complete.

Extraction follows Hemsworth as a black-market mercenary named Tyler Rake. Who has been left with nothing to lose thanks to his long, violent career. Rake is hired to rescue the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime lord. But, in the murky underworld of weapons dealers and drug traffickers, an already deadly mission approaches the impossible.

The cast includes David Harbour, Derek Luke, Fay Masterson, Golshifteh Farahani. And newcomer Rudhraksh Jaiswal alongside Hemsworth and is available for streaming now on Netflix. This comes to us from WWE’s YouTube channel.

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