Stan Lee Will Get a Clever Tribute in Mallrats 2: Twilight of the Mallrats

Stan Lee had such a great impact on pop culture that his fans number not just among regular readers. But other major filmmakers and artists as well. Kevin Smith is one such filmmaker who has always been a huge fan of comics in general and Lee in particular. In a recent interview, Smith revealed that his upcoming sequel Twilight of the Mallrats will feature a ‘very clever’ Stan Lee cameo.

“We have a Stan Lee scene. Obviously, Stan Lee won’t be in it because Stan’s passed. But same Brodie Bruce and Stan plays a big part of it. So there’s a, as a writer, like you know my daughter hates how into myself and my writing I am but sometimes as a writer I’m like ‘oh that was clever, that’s clever’ and stuff like where you want to share it with people but you’re like ‘I’ll wait until I can give it to everybody at once’ but the Stan Lee scene in Twilight of the Mallrats is one of those moments that I consider like ‘oh that’s clever’ and even if I wasn’t me and I just liked my movies I would be like ‘that’s a good, what a good, what a way to do it, man.'”

In the original Mallrats. The lead character of Brodie is dumped by his girlfriend and goes to the mall with his friend as a distraction. There he runs into Lee, playing himself, who offers Brodie sage advice about his love life which sets him on the path to getting back together with his girlfriend.

While Lee is best known among film fans for his frequent cameos in Marvel movies. His personal favorite movie role was the one he did for Kevin Smith in Mallrats. Explaining that he liked that it was a proper role instead of a cameo.

“I got a big kick out of Mallrats. But it wasn’t’ a cameo; I really had a role in the movie. Funny thing about that: in the movie. I’m talking to the boy who was the lead, who was very unhappy because he was having trouble with his girlfriend. And I mentioned to him. ‘I remember I once had a girlfriend and I lost her but I’ve never forgotten her. And I think about her all the time,’ something like that. Now, I went home, and my wife said to me, ‘Now what is this about that girlfriend?’ And I learned you have to be very careful about how you explain movies to your wife.”

In the upcoming sequel, titled Twilight of the Mallrats, fans will catch up once again with Brodie, 25 years later. The character may have grown older. But he still looks back fondly on that day he met Stan Lee in the mall all those years ago.

“So, it’s pretty special and Stan. Even though he’s not with us, kind of looms throughout the movie because Brodie, when we come to him 25 years later is still talking about the best day of his life which we all know is the movie Mallrats,”

For comics fans who are saddened at the thought of never seeing Lee cameo in another Marvel film. It will be a sweet experience getting to see the iconic comics creator on the screen once again in his favorite role, whatever the exact nature of the cameo turns out to be. was the first to pick up this latest Kevin Smith news.

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