“Sword Dance: The Assassin Age” – A historical film boldly modern

Despite being a classic swordplay with classic Hong Kong, “Sword Dance” is still full of romance, beautiful and especially … modern.

Director: Ngo Vu Sam
Actors: Duong Tu Quynh, Jung Woo Sung, Xu Hy Vien, Du Van Lac
Genre: Action / Romance

Inspired by two famous swordplay movies, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Cross-Facing Mai Phuc. Director Ngo Vu Sam’s Reign of Assassins film (famous for Xich Bich) brings together a large cast of stars. , costing more than $ 14 million in funding. Sword Dance is a martial arts movie with many beautiful battle scenes, new tricks and strange Gypsy assassins. Also Sword Dance is also the story of female guests Tang Tinh (Duong Tu Quynh) wants to leave Gypsy, hide and romance with the student A Thinh.

Sword Dance has the style of Hong Kong martial arts film of 90s.

From the main plot is a secret party (the notorious group of brutal assassins Huyen Vu Thach). That in search of a treasure (the remains of Lama ) can bring infinite power to the owner. Next is the way to build the main and secondary characters, a master who wants to hide (female assassin Tang Tinh) and romance. Assassins with strange and unique weapons with ancient shapes. Finally, with images and footage, the film uses mostly the interior, a street, a tea shop or a simple wooden house. Foreign scenes are mostly on set and do not have many supporting characters as well as public actors. That is in contrast to the present-day historical movies with brilliant costumes and the majestic scenery of a temple full of heavenly horses. It is the clear inheritance of the film Sword Dance with the old style swordplay style of the last century.

But not so that the film lacks creativity. Still a wicked world full of wickedness, but the main or secondary characters have a clear personality mark, each has a personal life and a unique feeling.

Director Ngo Vu Sam has blown a modern atmosphere into the film through each character. That with superficial tactics such as dialogue or communication quite similar to today. Look at the way Tang Jing and A Sinh (Jung Woo Sung) meet and fall in love, is the psychology of female killer Lam Diep (Xu Hy Vien). That wants to usurp A Sinh with deadly charm to humiliate opponents. . And before the battle to decide each other’s lives, cold-blooded assassins stood in the same kitchen. Then cook a pot of water to eat together a bowl of noodles and talk about the dream of tomorrow after completing the task. Obviously, this is the unmistakable style of director Ngo Vu Sam as well as modern Hong Kong gangsters.

The Sword Dance, which can be called the choreography of the swordsman, is still on the background of Chinese martial arts but has many new features. Admire the stunningly beautiful dual sword between Sangha and Lam Diep to see that the strength of swordplay is not in strength but in flexibility and flexibility of the body. Not only that, the weapons and tactics of the other two assassins are also very unique. The pair of swords of magician assassins is clearly a beautiful screen full of performance art.

The most prominent acting in the movie is the couple Yangzi Quỳnh – Jung Woo Sung.

The idea of age difference will make them difficult to be beautiful together. But on the contrary, the two have gotten along well with each other in acting. When watching the movie, the audience felt a passionate love between Vuong A Sinh and Tang Tinh Tinh. It is this emotion that helps the audience be drawn to the story closely to receive surprising surprises in the last minutes. Especially Jung Woo Sung, despite having a language barrier, he completed the character that plays the key role of the movie. Even in the stage with the beautiful actress Xu Hy Vien. When she was in the “hottest” state, the character Jung Woo Sung was still not overwhelmed mentally.

And the most striking creation in the film, the modernity in the final twist, is the engine of all the characters. Instead of the lust of power or the temptation of matter. The purpose of all the last crazy actions is to lead towards a peaceful, compassionate inner life. Which is also the most attractive factor that makes The film has its own imprint. That’s why the historical swordplay film has a sense of humor along. That with an unexpected multi-layered ending that looks like a modern criminal movie.

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