Professional cast and actresses activated all the box office with “The Island 2018” after 5 days of release

2020 will continue to be a successful year for Chinese films. With the movie 2020, the cleverness of The Island 2018 (aka Nhất Xuất Hảo Hí) really stir the box office.

Especially, The Island 2018 achieve 700 million yuan after only 5 days of release. This movie is also notice by the outstanding names of the Chinese entertainment industry such as Shu Qi, Zhang Yingsheng, Huang Bo, Vu Hoa Vy, …

The Island 2018 was built by director Huang Bot. The film began to open in Chinese theaters in the middle of December 2019 and at the end of January. The film actually made its way to Vietnamese film sites.

The Island 2018 is the story of a man who dreams of winning a lottery once. But before he could achieve this dream, he and his friends and colleagues were trap on a desert island. As a rather abstract topic, the film still receives initial appeal by highly-regard cast such as Shu Qi, Zhang Yingsheng, Yu Hoa Vy, …

Vu Hoa Vy is a longtime Chinese actor.

He is known to the audience for a number of roles such as Liu Bei in the New Three Kingdoms (2010). Liu Xao in Love Station Station (2014), Jia Ming in the film Captain’s Guard (2015), Cao Cao in the League Master Corps (2017), …

Shu Qi is known as a veteran Taiwanese actor. She participate in acting from an early age and has many roles in a series of dramas. Among those films are: The Unexpect Challenge (1995), Lộc Đình Ký (2001), Nhân Mỹ Nhân (2003), New York, I Love You (2009), Legend Trần Trần (2010), Tây Journey to the West: Extra Story (2013), …

Truong Nghe Hung is more often known as Lay.

In addition to being an actor, he is also a model and singer. Before returning to work in China, he use to be a member of the Korean group EXO and now he is a solo singer with many self-compose songs that have been release.

Among the films he participate can include the success of roles such as the leading role Nhi Nguyet Hong (Lao Cuu Mon – 2016), the lead Lac Lac (Oh My God – 2015). The main role Nghiem Tieu Lai ( Proposition of Great Operations – 2017). With high praised acting ability. Zhang Yifeng also receive many awards for prestigious movies and TV series in China: Favorite New Artist (2016), Actor of the Year (2016), Best New Actor (2017), Best Artist (2017) ….

The Island 2018 (or Survival in the Wild Island) is a film. That not only has old actors but also shines bright for new actors in the Chinese film industry. With the cast highly appreciate for their appearance and acting. The Island 2018 is the perfect proposal for anyone who wants to see a movie. The film The Island 2018 has appear in Vietnamese cinemas.

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