“Eye-catching” with martial arts performance of Donnie Yen and Jackie Chan in the film “The Twins Effect 2”

With martial arts virtuosity and beauty, Donnie Yen and Jackie Chan brought to the audience nervous moments.

This is the excerpt of the best battle in the popular Chinese movie The Twins Effect 2 (Vietnamese name: THIÊN CƠ BIẾN) from 2004 to the present. In addition to the humorous details of the main cas. The film also gives viewers beautiful martial arts scenes. That of the two martial arts actors Donnie Yen (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and Jackie Chan (Thach General Quan).

One of them is Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon in a secret tomb when Thach General Quan. The tomb guard from ancient times, step out of a stone statue. With martial arts virtuosity and beauty, Donnie Yen and Jackie Chan gave the audience a martial arts match “voyeuristic”.

THIÊN CƠ BIẾN (The Twins Effect 2) revolves around the story in the land of Hoa Do – a kingdom rule by the evil Queen Nha Ca (Cu Dinh).

She hate men after being mistakenly betray by her lover, Magica Captain Lieu and her twin sister Nha Dinh. Here, men are slaves, submissive and entertainers for women.

However, according to the prophecy, a man carrying in the foot of the imperial king. That appearing with the legendary sword will stand up to overthrow the queen’s brutal rule and restore equality between the sexes. That is why the queen set up a spy group to hunt down people of the old royal blood. Lam Linh (Chung Hân Đồng) was a member of this spy group.

At that time, the palace lost a treasure call Thach Ban.

Legend has it that this treasure has a hunch, it is possible to find someone. Who has a natural destiny and help that person find the legendary sword. While searching for Thach Ban at a singing troupe, Lam Linh stumble upon the beautiful servant of Xuan Thap Tam Thieu (Thai Trac Nghiem) and two cute guys. Than Dau and Firewood, currently holding Thach Ban. And the four of them decide to go on a treasure hunt following the treasure’s instructions.

This unique confrontation is a scene in the film THE TWINS EFFECT, this is the film starring the most famous cast in China such as Donnie Yen and Jackie Chan.

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