Don’t Wake Mommy is like an introductory Lifetime movie

Molly and Brad have a beautiful 6 month old girl named Ava.  Molly loves being a mother but is often tired, confused, and second-guesses herself.   Her doctor tells her she may have postpartum depression.  Worried about this diagnosis, Molly keeps it to herself.  Brad, a fireman, tells her to join an online support group for mothers. In this support group, Molly meets Beth.  Molly, a single mom and former nurse, has a son named Robert.

Robert was conceived in an affair with a married man, who wants nothing to do with Beth or the baby.  Beth is a bit abrasive at first, but her help is soon welcome by Molly.  Its not long before Molly is sleeping all the time, forgetting about Ava, and abandoning her friends.  So Molly’s friend, Susan, knows something is wrong with Molly, Beth, and their relationship.  Susan decides to get to the bottom of it.  And that’s when it all hits the fan.

Above all, you will sit in suspense trying to figure out Beth’s motives for her obsession in Don’t Wake Mommy . You know Beth is the bad guy, but you want to know why.   The depth of Beth’s depravity are explained in just a few minutes of gossip.  It’s easy to miss.  Sara Rue plays crazy extremely well.  Often, you find yourself afraid of her.  Lifetime chose well with this movie.  You will be left in suspense, fear, and OMG moments. So you will want to watch again.

What this all boils down to is that Don’t Wake Mommy (Am Mua Den Toi) is like an introductory Lifetime movie for those who have not had the pleasure and pain of their particular brand of entertainment. But if you are a veteran Lifetime movie fan this fails to come up with anything new to make it worth the time.

Movie Info

This thriller film is about: A woman struggling with her transition to motherhood meets a sympathetic lady at a support group but soon discovers that she’s being deceived.

Rating: NR
Genre: Drama, Mystery & Suspense
Directed By: Chris Sivertson
Written By: Chris Sivertson
Runtime: 90 minutes

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