Bruce Lee fights the drug dealer in “Bruce LeeBest Brother”

Launching continuous kicks, the kungfu king quickly defeat the drug dealer, taking revenge for the brothers.

In the film Bruce LeeBest Brother was start shooting in early 1971 with a life-and-death battle between Trinh Trieu An (play by Bruce Lee) and the evil drug-selling tycoon. The film was film under the talent hands of director La Duy in a small town in Thailand.

In the film, the legendary character Bruce Lee plays a gentle, naive countryman name Trinh Trieu An. After hearing his mother give up the evil wanderer, he went to the city to find a job and was introduce to a stone factory by his brothers, Trieu An thought to be alone with this wage job.

However, the stone factory turn out to be an illegal business specializing in drug smuggling

when this truth was reveal, the disappearances of the workers continue to disappear, raising doubts about the hidden. behind that.

When knowing that Trieu An was good at martial arts, the owner of the factory start using fine wine and call girls to bribe him as their henchman. Suddenly, one of the girls call back to reveal to him all the secrets of this disguise opium shop.

Trieu An gradually understands the incident and realizes the man who murder his brothers, temporarily forgetting his mother’s instructions to resolve his determination to find the factory owner and the notorious drug lord.

Born in late 1971,  Bruce LeeBest Brother made a big splash in the martial arts film genre. And became the highest-grossing film in the history of Hong Kong film until the movie, “The Martial Arts,” was release. and break this record.

With a record income of more than $ 3.5 million at the time, however, the price of Bruce Lee receive for the role was only $ 15,000.

Despite receiving positive feedback from the viewers. But a year later, the film censors decide to cut off some scenes at the end of the film when Bruce battl medicine tycoon. opium for being too violent.

When it was release in the United States, the film was renam The Chinese Connection. And became one of the most popular foreign films of the time.

Tangshan was so successful that in 1978, the US film production and distribution company. Columbia Pictures, bought the copyright to re-release the film and quickly made a large profit.

Previously, one of Hollywood’s biggest movie franchises

Miramax, also paid for the copyright of this film along with the film The Game of Death to broadcast on their own TV channel.

In Tangshan, the original brother Bruce only play a secondary role. But when filming, surprise with his outstanding martial arts talent, director La Duy edited the script. So that he could play the lead role of Trinh Trieu An. .

When Bruce appeare on the silver screen in the Bruce LeeBest Brother in 1971. It seem that other action movie stars like Khuong Dai Ve, Dich Long, Vuong Vu … suddenly dim to give way to the name. brand new that later went on to legend in the hearts of those who love martial arts movies – Bruce Lee.

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