‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ New Images Released, Bring Heroes Back Together

The movie Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is one month away. And it’s time for the publicity blitz to start running on all cylinders. First up, we have a batch of new images from the final chapter of the Skywalker saga. Some of the images unite all of the heroes in the same place. While others show the First Order villains in pursuit. Check out the new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker photos for a sneak peek at what’s in store.

After finally assembling in the same place at the same time at the end of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. All our new heroes will finally be working together on a single mission. We’re not sure what that mission is. But it clearly has them encountering something in a cave. And even Rey (Daisy Ridley) looks a little apprehensive about confronting whatever it might be.

This is actually the first official still we’ve seen of Richard E. Grant as First Order Allegiant General Pryde. He looks appropriately menacing as many British men have in the uniforms of the Galactic Empire and the First Order. Will he be a formidable foe for our heroes, perhaps a sort of reincarnation of Grand Moff Tarkin from the original trilogy?

That Oscar Isaac sure is a handsome fella, isn’t he? Doing his best Han Solo meets Indiana Jones fashion model pose. We have Poe listening in at what appears to be a Resistance briefing. It would appear that this is early on in the film before our heroes go on their mission. If that’s the case, maybe they’re listening to Rey dole out some information about what they need to do. Also, is that robed woman from the civilization that our heroes encounter on the new planet Pasaana? Was the Resistance looking for more warriors there to help the Resistance?

Speaking of new planets, here’s a legion of Stormtroopers (and Snowtroopers with capes) marching on what appears to be the new planet Kijimi. That’s where we’re supposed to meet Keri Russell as Zorri Bliss, a smuggle who has a past with Poe Dameron and may be able to help them with something on their mission. Clearly the First Order is in hot pursuit of whatever our heroes are up to, which more than likely involves C-3PO in that heartbreaking moment from the most recent trailer.

Finally, we have this heroic shot of Rey, working on some of her training. While many assumed this was Endor or Yavin that we were returning to, this is actually a new planet called Ajan Kloss where the Resistance has set up a new base. Presumably, they won’t be there for very long as this still is more than likely from the beginning of the movie before our heroes embark on their new quest.

You can head over to Entertainment Weekly to see a few more new photos from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The magazine just debuted their Star Wars cover issue. And there are plenty more details to comb through about the upcoming conclusion to the entire Skywalker saga. Stay tuned as we saunter towards the film’s release on December 20, 2019.

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