Wu Jing Thanks Donnie Yen For Past Underestimate

The China martial arts star Wu Jing recently laughed when asked to express his thoughts about a statement fellow martial arts actor Donnie Yen allegedly made about him in the past.

As reported on Tencent, a few years ago when Donnie Yen and Wu Jing starred in the Wilson Yip movie, “SPL”. The former made a statement about martial artists working in the film industry, saying. “There are a lot of martial arts champions out there. But not everybody can be a martial arts star.

At the time, many believed that Donnie Yen was directing his comment towards his co-star Wu Jing, who was part of the Beijing Wushu Team that competed in several national wushu competitions – just like his predecessor, Jet Li.

But when asked about it at the time. Wu Jing stated that being a martial arts champion is a kind of recognition that he has made contributions to his country.

There are martial arts champions who became international stars, like Jet Li. And some who is not a martial art champion but became famous as well, like Sammo Hung,” he said.

Wu Jing added that Donnie Yen should express his dissatisfaction in private and instead be more supportive of his fellow actors of the same genre.

That his directorial effort, “Wolf Warrior 2” making more than USD 600 million at the box office. Wu Jing was asked again about Donnie’s past statement, to which he responded with a laugh. “I should instead thank him for the put-down.

In 2019, China’s science-fiction blockbuster, The Wandering Earth, starring Chinese martial artist, actor and director Wu Jing. He has attracted global attention thanks to its impressive box office takings.

The film earned US$557 million in the two weeks following its release during the Lunar New Year holiday. This film become the highest grossing film of 2019 so far.

That puts the film second in the all-time Chinese film box-office rankings – behind another of Wu’s action films. Last year’s patriotic war hero film Wolf Warrior 2, which he also directed.

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