The Stars Of The Movie ‘Storm Riders’ After Over 20 years

Hong Kong’s 1998 blockbuster hit film-phenomenon is the film Storm Riders. Based on a popular comic book by Ma Wing-sing. Storm Riders evokes a mythical Chinese past full of swordplay, magic, stunning palaces, pretty-boy heroes, fabulous costumes, and extravagantly tangled hair.

The nominal stars of the film are A-list pop star Aaron Kwok (as Striding Cloud). A-list teen idol Ekin Cheng (as Whispering Wind). These two paired young heroes, were each orphaned at the age of 10. Then adopted by Lord Conquer (played by Sonny Chiba), whose earth-dominating ambition depends at first on their success. And then hinges on their destruction. There is a vast gallery of supporting characters: Conquer’s daughter, in love with one hero, loved by the other; a powerful Shaolin monk, magic soothsayers, jesters, swordsmen, herbalists, magic beasts… A group whose breadth and richness, undeniably impressive, owes its amplitude to the drastic compression exercised on the original complex material by the filmmakers.

Storm Riders is among other things a coming of age parable. Wind and Cloud, reaching their maturity, become entangled in dilemmas both intimate and cosmic: a love triangle with Conquer’s daughter Charity, and various world-saving and illusion-shattering battles with the film’s corps of fantastic foes occupies its two hours plus running time. By the end, their rivalry modulated, Wind and Cloud at least temporarily parry Conquer’s world-destroying power.

Let’s take a look at the stars of the movie vein after 20 years:

Aaron Kwok

Aaron Kwok is definitely one of the most popular artists in Asia today: dancer, singer and actor. His outstanding performances on stage have earned him the nickname “the Michael Jackson of Hong Kong”. A big name in the Asian record industry. Aaron Kwok’s outstanding talent has earned him more than a hundred awards since the beginning of his career. With his many talents it was naturally not long before the film industry approached him.

Success came immediately as Kwok won the award for best leading actor for his first film at the Golden Horse Awards in 2005. Only a year later he repeated this achievement and walked away with the award for the second time thanks to his extraordinary performance in the feature film “After This Our Exile”.

Active since the 1980s, Kwok is considered one of the “Four Heavenly Kings” of Hong Kong.

Kwok married Shanghai-based Chinese model Moka Fang and they both are parents to daughter Chantelle Kwok.

Kwok posted on social media on 18 April 2019 that his second child was born.

Ekin Cheng

Ekin Cheng is a Hong Kong actor and singer. He has also been referred to as Noodle Cheng after a popular noodle product with a similar name and his wavy long hair.

Ekin Cheng ioned The Storm Riders in 1998. This film was the highest-grossing Hong Kong movie at the time and the first film to use a truly large number of special effects

Hong Kong actor-singer Ekin Cheng, now 51, and actress Yoyo Mung, now 45, dated for seven years before secretly getting hitched in Japan in 2013. The couple initially didn’t even want to get married, much less have children. When asked during an interview about their decision to not have kids. Yoyo mentioned that it’s because she thinks Ekin’s too relaxed and would spoil the kids if they had any. The couple has also said that they don’t feel a desire to take care of children. So they’ve just decided to stay child-free.

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