“The Guilty” – Criminal masterpiece, actors who don’t show their face are also excellent

The work that represents Denmark competes in the category of Best Foreign Film of Oscar 2019 is completely minimalist about the context, characters, and the story, but still extremely stressful.

The protagonist of The Guilty movie is Asger Holm (Jakob Cedergren) – an emergency police officer on the emergency call center in North Zealand, Denmark.

In a normal shift like many other days, he receive a call from a young woman nam Iben (Jessica Dinnage). It seem that this was just an innocent innocuous call. But the more she spoke to the girl, the more unusual things she discover.

The call that led him to discover the tragedy no one could have imagine. As well as step by step evoke another secret within him.

Ordinary but non-trivial story of the unsung heroes

The Guilty has a very simple story when it revolves around a shift of a police officer on duty. Over the phone, the protagonist has to receive and handle a variety of requests, from comical situations like a drug addict calling to begging. A girl being cheat to be rob by the girl while “having fun.” ”. Until more serious situations like kidnapping.

Through the film, the audience has the opportunity to witness and experience a simple. Everyday perspective on those who keep the security and order for society. Police not only have a rolling force in the field, with strong combat skills, methodical to handle the problem directly. Behind them, there are also silent individuals, helping to solve equally important problems.

Just reporting an ordinary shift from the emergency call center.B ut The Guilty gives the audience a non-trivial story. At the center of the work is a journey to discover an abduction by police inspector Asger.

To put the truth at the highest level. The Guilty does not have supercomputers with the ability to access all kinds of information, data, or experts with superior thinking.

Asger is just a very ordinary cop, with a phone with a police information system. You are not allow to leave the office, and only receive data via phone or computer screen in a very limit way.

Therefore, the protagonist must constantly apply professional measures and skills to handle situations in reality in a mature and reasonable manner. So that the cases can be solve step by step in a timely manner.

Thanks to that, The Guilty is very realistic, with an atmosphere of urgency and tension continuously from beginning to end. The audience is caught up in the fascinating, dramatic investigation. That with many hidden details that are only gradually revealed through the lines.

But The Guilty is more than just a criminal crime drama. Throughout the main sequence, the film installs many small details, helping to evoke the situation of the main character Asger.

Through each short call, the small pieces that rotate the character themselves gradually appear vaguely. That making the audience curious from what secrets he has in him.

And all was compress until the last minute, when a series of knots simultaneously open in a surprising but convincing way. In the last 20 minutes, The Guilty is almost transform to become a completely different masterpiece.

The ending helps the film not only become rich in emotion. But also gives viewers the torment question about the humanity and conscience within each person.

Minimal in the way of expression

The biggest highlight of The Guilty is the unique expression similar to Buried (2010) or Locke (2014). The film minimizes most elements, from the story, the context, to the character. The entire work is limit to the corner of the main character’s desk in his office, without any external scenes.

Viewers almost saw the main character Asger Holm appearing on the screen. He communicates with other characters in the film through the phone. The audience only knows important minor characters through their voice.

That expression forced the audience to concentrate on every frame of the screen. There are almost no redundant details in the movie. Each frame, each character appears, each sound expresse has a certain effect, giving a valuable information or data.

Just setting the camera to follow the character’s expression helps the audience’s emotions in tune with Asger Holm’s feelings. Therefore, the events in the film must be “retold” and extract step by step methodically. Thanks to the experience of the characters and the audience, not by the performance on screen.

At the same time, every detail in the movie helps to stimulate, stimulate the imagination of the audience. Under each line, each sound echoing through the phone. The audience could only temporarily imagine the situation on the other side of the line vaguely. As a result, the inquisitive emotions of the audience were stimulate.


Rating: R (for language)
Genre: Drama, Mystery & Suspense
Stars: Jakob Cedergren, Jessica Dinnage, Omar Shargawi
Directed By: Gustav Möller
Written By: Emil Nygaard Albertsen, Gustav Möller
In Theaters: Oct 19, 2018 Limited
On Disc/Streaming: Feb 5, 2019
Runtime: 85 minutes
Studio: Magnolia Pictures


Paul Byrnes
The Guilty is a clever Danish thriller that takes full advantage of the strengths and weaknesses of modern communications.

Tom Long
“The Guilty” is a nerve-wracking exercise in tension that also manages to reveal itself in layers, leaving assumptions dashed on the floor.

Gus Edgar
Make the right call and watch this immediately.

Anthony Lane
“The Guilty” is smartly constructed and tautened with regular twists, but, if it were merely clever, it wouldn’t test your nerves as it does.

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