Ne Zha Review: What are the Critics saying about A China’s Animated Movie?

“Nezha” has earned $674 million (RMB 4.81 billion) since its July 26 release, putting it behind only 2017’s nationalist actioner “Wolf Warrior II” at the box office and making it the most successful animated title ever in the Middle Kingdom, far beyond the previous record-holder, Disney’s “Zootopia,” which reaped $236 million.

Movie Sumary:

A young boy, Ne Zha, is born from a heavenly pearl by the Primeval Lord of Heaven, Yuanshi Tianzun. Born with unique powers, he finds himself as an outcast who is hated and feared. Destined by prophecy to bring destruction to the world, the young boy must choose between good and evil in order to break the shackles of fate and become the hero.

Movie Info:

Rating: NR
Genre: Action & Adventure, Animation, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Directed By: Yu Yang
Written By: Yu Yang
In Theaters: Aug 29, 2019 Limited
Runtime: 110 minutes
Studio: Well Go USA

What are the Critics saying about ‘Ne Zha’?

Richard Whittaker (The Austin Chronicle)

All those elements are a blast, but distract from where Ne Zha is most fun and most endearing, with the demon-child’s loyal parents trying to work out how to keep him from darkness and eventual electrocution, leading to some sweet child-friendly message about fate and friendship. Plus Taiyi and his flying pig are just plain adorable.

Michael Rechtshaffen (Los Angeles Times)

Grafting familiar Disney and DreamWorks tropes onto a tapestry of traditional Chinese legend and lore (the plot is loosely based on a Ming Dynasty-era shenmo novel), so the adventure entertains with a title character who could be the spawn of Chucky and Stitch, from “Lilo & Stitch.”

Cath Clarke (The Guardian)

I enjoyed the jolt of strangeness delivered by this world of demons stalking the Earth. But the action is hit-and-miss.

Ben Kenigsberg (The New York Times)

A computer-animated feature of bright hues, hectic action and only occasional charm.

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