Joker (2019) of Todd Phillips: An exit that sows controversy

In the 1980s, in Gotham City, Arthur Fleck, a fail stand-up comedian is assault. While on the streets of the city disguise as a clown.

Despised by all and scorned, he gradually turns into madness to become the Joker. A dangerous psychotic killer. As much vision of the Joker as there are humans and their daily madness. I’m just leaving the session in preview of Joker. The new story, 2019 reinterpretation of the deadliest clown just after Ronald Mc Donald.

A lot of hype around the film, the success and the excellent reviews of those who had already seen. The prizes won without being release in the cinema. The images and trailers, the presence of Joaquin Phoenix or Deniro in the cast. Audacious, Jubilatory, that’s the marketing of posters.

Well these words are not just small peaks to sell better. I will not talk about the story of the film. By cons I can strongly advise you to go see him. This film is Cinema, it’s organic, it’s stirring, it’s deep, it’s subtle. THE film is extremely well done, Phénix is ​​EXCEPTIONAL. The sets, the atmosphere, the music, the rhythm, everything is exemplary.

Violence comes, laughter continues. A political message? Delete the next scene. Last act, because this film is built like a classic tragedy, or maybe a comedy. I do not know anymore, is a storytelling lesson. Everything ignites, everything becomes unclear, you can hardly breathe and really know what to feel. I am very difficult in the adaptations of the Joker, having a preference for that of the cartoon of 90. But you know what, as in the film, there is as much vision of the Joker that is madness on the surface of every human being.

Happy in the world

Todd Phillips amazes by his ingenuity to film a cruel America, over-mediate, creating moreover Joker. Joaquin Phoenix is masterful, more real than life, overwhelming with reality. He plays with finesse a being who pursues, despite everything, his visceral search for happiness.

Phillips goes from candor to the dreadful bitterness of humor, always with untimely enjoyment. It is a film that seems to be inspire by symbolist revolts (Anonymous, Yellow Vests), giving a certain humanity to the necessary invective of the norm, without giving it any real legitimacy. A must see – as a blockbuster, fictional biopic or whatever you want.

A Phoenix that leaves no voice for a painstaking and masterful work, violent in every way.

Joker movie that is sure to date and certain for many reasons and the main one is that we have never seen a feature-length comics of this quality. It’s dark, it’s dark, it’s hopeless, it’s nihilistic. It’s scary and this work manages to realize a state of the world and therefore the human being impressive and quite realistic. Even Nolan’s trilogy on Batman would be almost Disney’s next to this masterful “Joker”.

Although this character and its essence are from comic films and by ricochet films of superheroes and villains. We are not at all in the vein of this type of productions, often blockbusters. But in a psychological drama that probes human madness in its worst abysses. And taking as character this icon of villain that is the Joker, Todd Phillips had all good.

He comes from the comedy potache and has made only comic or light yet often successful movies (the trilogy “Very Bad Trip” or “War Dogs”) makes a huge shift with this project. But not devoid of logic since humor and laughter are at the center of the film in a certain way. These notions are an intrinsic component of the character of Arthur Fleck alias the Joker in his psychic progression and the man he would have liked to be like the one he will become.

”Joker” movie no shortage:

This work, which cuts with a whole section of the current cinematographic culture and its shared universes, that is excellent and mastered from start to finish. It will just be reproached for perhaps a quarter of an hour too much and second roles that seem bland compared to the incarnation literally monstrous Joaquin Phoenix in the title role. He is of all plans and his composition of the super-villain is utterly frightening with perfection.

We feel as much empathy as dread in front of this man and the mimicry he created for the character, his gait, his emaciated body and especially this totally hallucinating and terrifying laugh will make date in the history of cinema. However, after the compositions in this same role of Jack Nicholson.

Good but more theatrical, and especially the memorable one of Heath Ledger (to finally not compare with that of Phoenix since in a more abstract and nihilistic vision of absolute evil). It seemed difficult to pass after and propose something new ( We will forget the Jared Rococo and sacrificed Joker in the sadly disappointing “Suicide Squad”).

Actor has found here the role of a life in an already busy career and he will take the Oscar next February flying over the annual competition by far (except surprise by the end of the year). This is the kind of extreme composition, which is uncritical and remains rooted in the cinephile memories. Madness had rarely been shown in such a subtle and obvious way to the cinema.

That’s not all…

Two other things fly this “Joker” very high. First of all, the staging of Phillips with this yellowish photograph and this vintage patina. That give a sepia-like look to the sticky movie perfectly to the character. But more is how Gotham City is represented. Like the character of the Joker, she is transfigured. Far from the gothic and baroque aspect of the excellent eponymous series or Burton’s films, Phillips makes her gigantic and depressed.

Aspiring his inhabitants with a voracious appetite in his putrid pit. A city gangrénée by the violence, in full decay, in terminal phase as eaten by the cancer of evil. From the building where Arthur Fleck lives through a more realistic. But frightening Arkham or trains of unhealthy trains. We are given to see a monstrous megalopolis whose visual horror transpires through the screen.

This strong social subtext,. Which shows, in parallel with our contemporary world, the growing gap between the rich and the poor and the rebellion that is rumbling. This somewhat anti-capitalist and bellicose pamphlet reached its climax in the last third of the feature film. That is chilling and masterful, in its dry violence as in what it underlies. “Joker” is a powerful and striking film that bridges the gap between a comic icon and our time in an intelligent way. Hat! One would almost dream that every villain in the Batman universe has a dedicated movie of this caliber.


Rating: R (for strong bloody violence, disturbing behavior, language and brief sexual images)
Genre: Action & Adventure, Drama, Mystery & Suspense
Directed By: Todd Phillips
Stars: Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz
Written By: Todd Phillips, Scott Silver
In Theaters: Oct 3, 2019 Wide
Runtime: 122 minutes
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures

Matthew Lickona
There is a meaningful difference between performing and acting, Joaquin Phoenix surely exemplifies the former here, creepily contorting as the Clown Prince of Crime in Todd Phillips’ timely, toxic take on the Making of a Murdering Madman.

Matthew Rozsa
This is a movie that you ignore at your own peril.

Richard Brody
Movie of a cynicism so vast and pervasive as to render the viewing experience even emptier than its slapdash aesthetic does.

Joe Morgenstern
You’re feeling insufficiently anxious in your life, “Joker” could be just the ticket. If not, look elsewhere to be entertained.

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