Abominable has been withdrawn from all Vietnamese theaters over East Vietnam Sea map

‘Abominable’ has been removed from theaters in Vietnam after viewers noticed the ‘nine-dash line’. It used by China to support their illegal claims to the East Vietnam Sea.

‘Abominable’ is the newest latest animation film from Deamwork. ‘Abominable’ was first shown in Vietnamese on October 4 2019.

The film about teenager Yi as she encounters a young Yeti, a mythical ape-like creature. On the roof of her apartment building in Shanghai and embarks on an epic quest to reunite the new friend. Whom she names ‘Everest,’ with his family.

It was a joint production between American animation studio DreamWorks and China’s Pearl Studio.

Vietnamese viewers have reported seeing a world map in the background of one scene depicting what appears to be the so-called ‘nine-dash line.’

The U-shaped line is an arbitrary demarcation line used on Chinese maps to illustrate Beijing’s illegal and unilaterally declared claims to vast expanses of the East Vietnam Sea, including large swathes of Vietnam’s Continental Shelf, the movie first removed from theaters in Vietnam on Sunday, after images of the scene with the absurd map were shared widely on social media.

The illegal Chinese ‘nine-dash line’ appears on a map in the film ‘Abominable.’

The culture ministry has issued an order requiring all Vietnamese cinemas to stop showing the film because of the map scene.

“We will revoke (the film’s license),” Reuters reported Ta Quang Dong, Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, as saying.

In March 2018, Chinese action film ‘Operation Red Sea’ also withdrawn from Vietnamese theaters. This film has a scene implying that the East Vietnam Sea belongs to China.

The two-minute scene unfolded at sea. Where a fleet of Chinese battleships surround an unknown ship and repeatedly demand that the vessel get out of their so-called ‘South China Sea.’

The Abominable scene in question shows a map which features the controversial “nine-dash line,”. “covering a vast U-shaped expanse of the South China Sea.”

China has claimed sole ownership of the region for years, mainly due to all of the resources in the area. Many Southeast Asian nations disagree wholeheartedly and claim that it is theirs. Mainly due to the fact that they are geographically much closer.

It is believed that the map scene in Abominable was done on purpose, at a time when Hollywood has been criticized for doing whatever China wants in exchange for projects getting in front of their huge population.

The Hollywood Reporter is the first to announce the Abominable Vietnam news.

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